SC Logística


SC Logística arose from the observation of the need for a less bureaucratic Freight Forwarder, simplified services and also the need to be adaptable for each customer’s requirement.

Located in Joinville , North of  Santa Catarina, the company has partners in all ports and airports in Brazil , as well as a commercial office in São Paulo . And most importantly, we have a long-term Agent partnership worldwide which covers the 5 continents. Also an office situated in Shenzhen, China.


We are reference in the local market due to experience gained over 17 years in the shipping industry that made us understand the real needs of customers, whether they are importers, exporters, brokers or trading companies. We met along with representatives of each of these segments in order to understand the difficulties of each one. All information collected led us to the Strategic Planning of the company.


Ethic Conduct

We chose to develop a clear system in which, from the time that the quotation is sent to the customer, the complete data are entered including issues that commonly cause divergence. This data will already be  electronically linked to Shipping Instruction and billing. Thus, the same values offered in the quote.